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Michael Crooke regularly delivers keynote and feature presentations for conferences, community events, university programs and more.


In addition to speaking, Michael regularly appears on behalf of clients at fundraising events, company programs, and public engagement activities. Standard topics and fees are outlined below, and can be tailored to the needs and message of partnering organizations.

Standard Topics

  • Brand Loyalty

  • Shared Value

  • Strategy for Sustainability

Standard Themes

  • CSR in the 21st Century – A Competitive Advantage for Long-term Value

  • There Are No Tired Brands – Only Tired Brand Managers

  • Understanding the Relationship of Profits and Sustainability

  • Sustainability as a Blue Ocean Strategy

  • Values-led Disruptive Business Models

  • The ReEvolution of Business in the 21st Century

  • Corporate Commitment and Strategies for Sustainable Production and Development

  • Making an Ecological Contribution: Entrepreneurial Good Work

  • Committed to the Core: What Does it Mean to be an Environmentally Responsible Company?

  • Autotelic Leadership: The Science of Peak Performance and Engagement

  • FLOW: The Secret Sauce of Business Models that WIN- Consistantly

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